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L-glutamine (250 g) of Olimp Sport Nutrition

L-glutamine (250 g) of Olimp Sport Nutrition

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L-Glutamine Powder 250g Olimp Sport Nutrition MOREmuscle

L-glutamine (250 g) of Olimp Sport Nutrition

The formula of glutamine powder most advanced on the market!

L-glutamine is an amino acid that is essential for the health of the immune system and the digestive tract. L-glutamine It has a restful and healing power in the intestine where cells of the mucosa and, at the same time strengthening aid in intestinal permeability and sugar cravings.

Glutamine is the most important amino acid for the adaptation of the muscle tissue, it stored the organic nitrogen, contributing to balance positive nitrogen, essential for muscle building.

Main features of L-glutamine

  • Increases strength and muscle size
  • It promotes positive nitrogen balance
  • It raises the level of growth hormone
  • Alleviates muscle fatigue
  • Protects the immune system

The L-glutamine It constitutes more than 60% of the free amino acids that are stored in the muscle cells and more than 20% of the amino acids that are in the body. L-glutamine increases the growth of the force and ? ? lean muscle mass, has a powerful anti-catabolica action, inhibits the activity of Lysosomal enzymes that destroy proteins of muscles, and also transforms into glutathione and raises the level of this substance, even at 40%.

The L-glutamine It also helps to promote optimal muscle growth and strength and has proved to be particularly useful to help prevent muscle wasting.


Directions: As a dietary supplement, take 1 filler (5 g) with about 300 ml of cold water or juice, preferably at breakfast, before and after training.



Supplement Facts
Serving size: 5 g
Servings per packaging: 50
per serving

L-glutamine micronized

500 mg


Other ingredients: L-glutamine micronized 100% pure pharmaceutical grade.


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